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Richard Kelham
2-Jun-2006, 03:57
It seems that Schneider have totally redesigned their website, losing all the interesting stuff, like age of lenses, in the process!

If anyone out there has more success navigating this new site or can tell me another place the lens age chart can be found I would be grateful.


Arne Croell
2-Jun-2006, 04:05
You're right that seems to be the case for the US web site http://www.schneideroptics.com. But there is still the one in Germany, at http://www.schneiderkreuznach.com with lots of information. The english version is at http://www.schneiderkreuznach.com/index_e.htm.
The age of lenses table is here: http://www.schneiderkreuznach.com/service/serie.htm

Richard Kelham
2-Jun-2006, 04:35
Many thanks Arne.


Emmanuel BIGLER
2-Jun-2006, 05:37
We can add the following link, not so easy to find from the main portal :


It is a nice repository of scanned vintage brochures in .pdf format, contains much much more than the previous 'vintage lens data' by the US branch. For example it is multi-lingual ;-);-)

Very probably the US branch will re-install the previous "vintage" pages, they were of course less complete but extremely well organised.

Scott Knowles
2-Jun-2006, 05:40
They redesigned it for e-commerce. They've likely been working on this for awhile to sort out the stuff and problems. At least they were good enough to trap the old URL's and let the user know they can look elsewhere (many just leave them as discontinued pages, the infamous 404 error). And at least they put catagories as individual Web pages where you can link directly to subpages. I would think they'll resurrect the other pages as information when they're convinced it's good customer strategy. It probably wasn't a high priority to convert them to the new design. And you can always contact them to let them know about the loss of informational pages.

Steve Hamley
2-Jun-2006, 11:32
Age of lenses is still there. it's under the "Info" tab. They also have a section on center filters and lens caps (not working - yet?), under the "Photography>Accessories" tab.


Doremus Scudder
3-Jun-2006, 01:43
My bookmark for the Schneider "Age of Lenses" page still works, though the look is different now.


You can find a lot of the other info under the Large Format tab


6-Jun-2006, 06:25
Ya... thank goodness it's back. The age of lens table disappeared for a while. Don't know if Schneider learned about how much that data is valued here, or at photo.net where a similar discussion has occured, but many thanks to them for restoring access to this important data. Also, many thanks to all here who have helped some of us who were not familiar with Schneider's German archive site to navigate that important data!