View Full Version : Film Hangers for Washing Film using a Print Washer?

Chris Hawkins
12-Mar-2000, 08:20
Where might I find devices that I could use to hang my film so that I could wash them using a print washer? I've only heard of film hangers so I don't even kno w what they look like. It sounds like they could be easily constructed.

12-Mar-2000, 15:58
You may be able to get film hangers from a store like KJP/Calumet.

As for construction, I can only suggest using wire coar hangers and some small clips, hope this is useful.

12-Mar-2000, 21:56
check ebay for used, Calumet for new

Paul Szopa
18-Mar-2000, 21:16
Chris: I strongly urge you to consider metal film hangers. The emulsion is extremely fragile and easily scratched when wet, and you have to be careful about the corner of one sheet scratching another. Over the past 30+ years I've tried just about every way imaginable to wash film, and using hangers is the only way to go IMHO.

18-Mar-2000, 22:05
Oh, BTW. A film hangar looks like this: They also make them with 4 4x5 compartments but I'm not gonna draw one ________________ <--This part hangs over the edge of the tank |_________| | |<--- hinged lip that locks film in | | |_________| <--Film in the botton rectangle

There are holes all around the film rectangle perimeter to allow solutions to flow in/out

They only cost a buck or two used so theres no need to try to make em

18-Mar-2000, 22:06
well I did try. Trust me, they dont look at all like that. go to ebay and search on film hangar and you'll see pictures of them