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1-Jun-2006, 08:33
Hello All,

I don't know why I have never been here before, but I have just spent the last 2 and a half hours reading through threads and learning. I definitely recognize some of those posting here and am happy to see many I have not been familiar with in the past. Great... all I need is another forum to keep me from what I should be doing. :)

In all seriousness and after 25 years of doing little but medium format, I am returning to LF work. It all started earlier this year when I got an old, beat-up, "free to good home" 2D. Like pups and kittens advertised under the same banner, it has been anything but free! Several months and a couple thousand dollars later I have added tripods, lenses, holders and yet another camera in the form of an old Green Monster C-1. Photography seems new to me again. I am back printing platinum as well as delving into the world of the digi-neg. What fun.

In any event, I look forward to learning from you all with hopes I can return that favor and contribute what I can.


Bob Gentile
1-Jun-2006, 08:40
Welcome from another "newbie" to the forum. There's a lot to be learned here from people who are passionate, patient, and knowledgeable about LF.

Ralph Barker
1-Jun-2006, 09:00
Howdy, Bill. Welcome to the LF Forum. Glad to have you join us.

1-Jun-2006, 10:55

In case you guys don't know...

Bill Schwab is an absolutely INCREDIBLE photographic artist. Viewing his work (particularly images made at Belle Isle Park) made me want to shoot medium format. If you get a chance, google for his images.

Oh, and welcome, Bill.

1-Jun-2006, 21:51
Hi Bill,

Welcome to the club... it's a great place to hang out and talk about something we're all passionate about.

This forum should be renamed "The Large Format Education Center!" :) There's always some great people here.


BTW, thank you for the emails... one days soon, I'll end up with one of your books and photographs! :)


Joseph O'Neil
2-Jun-2006, 12:41
Welcome. Which part of Michigan do you haunt?


3-Jun-2006, 07:52
Thank you all for such a warm welcome. And thank you Cobalt for remembering the Belle Isle work... I'm blushing. You're much too kind. Around here with the big guns I am but a babe in the woods.

I have already learned a great deal from going through the threads here. No matter how much you think you may know, there is always someone out there who can teach you more. Happy you all congregate on sites like this!

Joseph, I am based in the Detroit area most of the year and transplant to Cross Village in the north for Summer. Heading there now for some work. I'm itching to put this 8x10 through the paces.

Thanks again everyone!


David Roossien
13-Jul-2006, 06:44
Hi Bill!

I'm from Grand Rapids. Where can I see your work?