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Tudor Vreme
1-Jun-2006, 03:40
I bought a Fujinon SW S 120/8 lens with a Seiko shutter.
The lens look fine but after testing the shutter, it seems the the opening command part for opening the lens before exposure, works to hard, and when I want to shut the lens the blades doesn't close completely.

Did you know where can I find some information about this type of shutters, or did you have problems with it?
in information will be helpful

thanks guys,

Ralph Barker
1-Jun-2006, 06:46
You may be able to find some general information on the S.K. Grimes site (http://www.skgrimes.com/index.htm) - not about specific repairs, though, as that's what they do.

Bob Gentile
1-Jun-2006, 08:09
You may also try to contact Carol Miller at (Flutot's) (http://www.flutotscamerarepair.com/). She's real helpful.

Tudor Vreme
1-Jun-2006, 22:42
Thanks, guys
I'l talk to Carol