View Full Version : EV Illumination for Viewing in darkroom

brian steinberger
31-May-2006, 15:33
I've been reading about different light sources being different EV values. I have a Pentax spot meter, so I can read light values in EV's. But I don't understand what you read. Say if I wanted to check my prints after the fix on a piece of plexi against the wall, how can I measure the EV of the light falling on the plexi? Do you just put a blank white piece of paper up there and meter the white?

Also, what is a good EV for illumination for checking prints out of the fix or wash? I've read anything between is EV 7 and 11 is fine for display, but in the darkroom, darker would be better due to drydown, plus you're garunteed to have better shadow detail if viewing with a dimmer amount of light. So EV 6 or 7 might be better for the darkroom?