View Full Version : buying polaroid film

gary bridges
30-May-2006, 23:28
I am ready to start using a 4x5 Linhof Technika - I want to start with Polaroid Type 54 film - can someone please tell me where I can find this film at the best price? thanks for all your help

Ted Harris
31-May-2006, 05:32
Right now (and most of the time) you will find the best prices at Badger Graphic Supplies (www.badgergraphics.com) and Midwest Photo Supply (www.mpex.com) on the phone ask for Jeff at Badger and Jim at Midwest. Their prices are ~ 55 a box.

31-May-2006, 08:17
Who was it that said: "If you have to worry about the price... "

Is there really that much of a pricing variation on Polaroid? I seem to see the same prices wherever I buy. Biggest factor in where I buy is who stocks what I need! There aren't many shops in my area still stocking a wide range of 4x5 Polaroid.

Ted Harris
31-May-2006, 17:59
Brian you can pay as much as $80 a box from some suppliers. Also, there was a fairly recent price increase from Polaroid and some suppliers still ahve a good stock at the older price. Now if that were only the case with film holders .... 5x7's jumped from ~ 34 each to ~ 55 each.

Steve Kefford
2-Jun-2006, 03:12
I just bought some from Retro Photographic (http://www.retrophotographic.com/). Cheapest place I could find.