View Full Version : Dry Mount Press for 8x10's

William Marderness
11-Mar-2000, 19:22
I want to dry mount 8x10 prints. Is an 8x10 dry mount press large enough for thi s, or do I need a press that is larger than the print size?

J.L. Kennedy
12-Mar-2000, 23:47
The press just needs to be slightly larger than the print, it doesn't have to be as large as the mat board. In fact, it doesn't really even have to be larger than the print. I have a Seal 210 and I mount 16x20 prints on 22x28 mat board in two sections. However, this is not an issue with the size you are talking about, because I doubt that there are drymount presses smaller than 8x10.

Brian Ellis
15-Mar-2000, 01:45
The interior of the press must be at least as wide as the short side of the largest mat board on which the print will be mounted. For example, if you plan to mount an 8x10 print on 11x14 board, the press interior (i.e. the part into which you slide the board) must be at least 11 inches wide. The length of the board doesn't matter - you can make multiple passes if necessary - but the width is important. I made the mistake of buying a press that will accept board that is no more than 16 inches wide, so that's the upper limit of the short side of the board that I can use. I could do 16 x 20, 16 x 40, or in theory 16 x any greater length, but 16 is the maximum width.