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Michael Romanowicz
29-May-2006, 08:46
Hi, everyone!
I've been "lurking" here for quite awhile. I have learned a lot from searching, and reading the posts.
I just "won" a Sinar Norma from an auction. I anxiously await it's delivery!:D
I have already bought a couple of lenses, and only need some film backs to get started.
I look forward to participating here, and hope no one minds a few newbie dumb questions!:o


29-May-2006, 09:46
Hi Michael, I live in Redland which is southwest of Miami and an agricultural area if you are unfamiliar with the area. Welcome to LF membership and all of its benefits. (Today is my birthday and I received a "Happy Birthday" from the LF software :) ). I lurked around here for a couple of years and then decided to ask a few questions. This is a great forum. Have fun with your new Norma.

Ron Marshall
29-May-2006, 09:48
Welcome to LF Michael. I think you'll enjoy using the Norma, great camera, I have a 5x7 Norma rear standard for my F1.

What lenses are you thinking of getting first?

Ralph Barker
29-May-2006, 10:28
Welcome to the LF Forum, now that you've de-lurked, Michael.

Michael Romanowicz
29-May-2006, 10:32
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Darr! I'm in Northeast Broward.

Ron, I have a Super Angulon 90 f8, and a 13" Wollensak f10 APO Raptar (no shutter). The Norma is coming with a Symmar 150/265 convertible. There are others I want, but I'll have to wait awhile.

29-May-2006, 10:53
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Darr! I'm in Northeast Broward.

Thanks Michael! If you plan on heading south to the 'Glades (I live on the road in front of the "Welcome to the Everglades" sign, SW 217th Ave), PM me for a photo get together!

Kind Regards,

Michael Romanowicz
29-May-2006, 11:16
Thanks Darr, I just might do that. I don't know anyone around here that shoots L/F.
Looking at your website now... very nice!

Bob Gentile
29-May-2006, 12:24
Welcome, Michael, from another "newbie" to the forum. Been shooting 4x5 for about a year and a half, so I'm starting to get it under control but still have a lot to learn. This is a great place to do that.

I'll be relocating down your way this fall -- well, north of you -- Orlando.

Anyway... welcome aboard.

Doug Howk
29-May-2006, 13:57
Welcome to LF. As far as LF groups in Florida ( see http://www.largeformatphotography.info/groups/ ) , the Central Florida group may be inactive, while our little group in North Florida remains small. APUG.org has a Florida Regional forum (under community) that should facilitate getting together on outings.

29-May-2006, 14:44
Welcome from another Florida LF [4x5, 8x10] lurker . I'm in between Daytona and Orlando. I don't spend a lot of time on the computer, but feel free to PM me if you are in the area.

- Randy

Brian Ellis
29-May-2006, 21:58
" . . the Central Florida group may be inactive . . . "

The Central Florida group is still active though the numbers have dwindled a little. I obviously am no longer active in it since getting to meetings from Oregon would be a little difficult but I stay in touch with some of the members. If anyone is interested in meeting times, location, etc. they can send me a PM and I'll provide information.

Bob Gentile
30-May-2006, 08:16
"... APUG.org has a Florida Regional forum (under community) that should facilitate getting together on outings..."Thanks for the info! I'll look into that when I move down there.

Thomas Papa
30-May-2006, 18:29
Nice to see the Florida crowd. I too am 'new' to LF, well maybe not totally new since I did venture this way about 15 years ago. Have shot MF since and now searching for a way to spend my daughter's college fund on equipment. Live in Tampa. Would love to get together in the keys or glades for a long weekend shoot. Also would enjoy looking at an 8x10 gg someday. Just to look. :).
How can we get a group together?

30-May-2006, 18:46
The next time I'm headed over your way, I can shoot you an email to let you know and we can arange someplace photogenic to meet so you can see the big(er) screen. If you want to see a movie screen, take a peek at an 11x14!

- Randy