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Paul Moshay
28-May-2006, 00:22
I have many new 4x5 (35) and 8x10 (12) film boxes from the last few months jobs. I don't need them and it's a shame to discard them. Anyone wanting a few can send me a Priority Mail stamp and their address and I will sent them to you. I think I can get six 4x5 boxes in a Priority Mail box. I will wait until I have all of them asked for before I send them out, the Post Office here is so busy I cannot wait in the long line for just a few. My address is; Paul Moshay, 16935 Vanowen St. Suite C, Van Nuys, CA 91406
ps: if I get more requests than I have boxes, I will return the stamps to the sender.

Scott Knowles
28-May-2006, 06:54
Can I get six 4x5 boxes reserved? How do you get a priority mail stamp? And for how much if I can? I can mail you the money for the cost of the mail or ask the PO for a stamp based on size and location (if they do such things) as soon as I can get to a Post Office this coming week. I'm just starting and a local lab provided one box with their label on it on the condition I use their lab. Thanks.
Scott M. Knowles (scott@wsrphoto.com)
2407 Cliffside Lane NW B302
Gig Harbor, WA 98335

Jim Rice
28-May-2006, 10:54
Hi Paul,

Put me down for one of the 8x10s. I'll scoot the postage to you tomorrow.


Clueless Winddancing
28-May-2006, 11:14
Four 4/5, Two 8/10 please.

Paul Moshay
28-May-2006, 14:28
Well that was quick, they have all been spoken for as of now. I will have more in a few months and will post a note at that time.
Scott, Jim and Clueless, I will get them ready for you.