View Full Version : C41 regular flexicolor fixer vs. RA fixer

Tom Westbrook
27-May-2006, 15:42
As a novice to C41 film development, is Flexicolor RA fixer, after dilution, interchangeable with regular Flexicolor fixer?

Maybe it's obvious from the above question, but I haven't been able to find a good overview of color film development on the web, just smatterings of info. I want to start doing my own C41 in my Jobo CPP2. I think I have the proper chemicals (other than the above), just need some info on times and testing procedures to find normal times. Any pointers appreciated, web, reference books, whatever.

27-May-2006, 16:01
If you go to the Kodak website and search for Z-131 I think you'll find most of the info you need.