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Cold Snail
27-May-2006, 08:04
My name is Paul and I am currently finishing my AS level in Photography and will be moving onto A level after the summer.

I have used Nikons for my 35mm and digital studies, but after getting into the darkroom I felt an upgrade was needed so I have just bought a nearly new Cambo 4x5 with a standard lens, which should arrive some time this week.

Anyway, just saying Hi to you all, I'm certain that I'll find help here.

Bob Gentile
27-May-2006, 08:21
Welcome -- from a long-time shooter and newcomer to this forum! I've been shooting 4x5 for a little over a year and, compared to 35mm, it's... unbelieveable. I predict you're gonna love it.

27-May-2006, 09:48
Hi Paul, Sending a warm welcome from south of Miami, FL. Here is where you will find an encyclopedia of LF info and some great folks to converse with.

Kind Regards,

Ralph Barker
27-May-2006, 10:03
Welcome to the LF Forum, Paul. If you haven't already found it, the "LF Home Page" link at the top will take you to lots of information you may find helpful starting out with your 4x5.

Cold Snail
28-May-2006, 04:08
Thank you for a warm welcome.

I've taken some notes from the homepage, but until the camera actually arrives, I'm keeping an empty mind.
I've ordered some of my favourite films to get me started, all I have to do now is find a local E6 processor and a larger B/W tank, enlarger, scanner and so on.........

David Rees
28-May-2006, 07:14

If you can't find a local lab for your E6 work, do give www.peak-imaging.co.uk a try -- I have always been pleased with their service, for 5x4, 120 and 35mm. For mail order, they are quick -- posted some 5x4 E6 to them on Sunday, and the processed films arrived in the post (Hampshire, UK) the following Wednesday.

BTW, welcome to the world of LF. I started the journey last autumn, and am really getting a great deal of enjoyment from it.

Cold Snail
1-Jun-2006, 14:07
Thank you David, I'll give Peak Imaging a shot to start with as they come highly recommended from my 35mm forums.

Well, today was the day my kit arrived (still waiting for the film) and for 170 delivered the box contained.

1x Cambo SC monorail camera.
1x 150mm Schneider APO Symmar multicoated f/5.6 lens.
1x Release cable.
1x Agfa x8 lupe.
3x Double backed film holders.
and a new Black/ red weighted cloth.

Everything is in pristine/ as new condition.

When that film arrives, I guess that's when I start learning the hard way.:D

Ralph Barker
1-Jun-2006, 14:12
Congratulations on your "new arrival", Paul. Now, as you said, all you need is "baby food". ;)

Nigel Smith
1-Jun-2006, 18:37
'gday from Oz!

If your film is going to take a few days to get to you, and you have some RC B&W paper.. cut some up and use as paper negs. Easy to develop and cheap! Give's you a little practise running thru the exposure sequence. Expose at about 4asa

Michael Daily
3-Jun-2006, 17:12
Using the paper negs and contact printing them, the contrast seems to be additive--ie.grade 2 "neg" printed to a grade 2 "print"=grade 4. Therefore use the lowest grade paper available for both.

Cold Snail
4-Jun-2006, 11:44
Thanks again for the warm welcome.

I never thought of using darkroom paper, but I'm going cut some up tonight and have a play tomorrow.
The Velvia has arrived, but I'll play with the paper idea first.

Once again, thank you.