View Full Version : Hello from the US

Turner Reich
25-May-2006, 20:04
Just glad to be with some folks that do photography and use film.

Ralph Barker
25-May-2006, 20:24
Welcome to the LF Forum, Turner.

Turner Reich
25-May-2006, 23:31
Thank you Ralph.

Bob Gentile
26-May-2006, 07:46

Welcome (from another "newbie"). You'll find the people here are very helpful in all aspects of photography.

Turner Reich
26-May-2006, 08:28
Thank you also Bob I appreciate it.

26-May-2006, 12:27
Hallo !

Its reassuring to see people, like yourself, looking for other film users. I hope you find the forum as informative as I have in the last year I've been a member.


Turner Reich
26-May-2006, 19:39
Dawid, It looks as though I will too. How do you like your Crown Graflex? I have a 2x3 I am using more and more these days.

27-May-2006, 15:53
Love my Graflex, got it for a steal on Ebay. Mine had its 50th birthday two years ago and its still in very good nick, even the bellows looks quite new. It has the original 135mm Optar lens on it which works like clockwork after a CLA.

I really like the "rhythm" of working with LF, shooting and developing only a handful of shots at a time. It has improved my work a lot. The thought now of printing a roll of 36 35mm exposures is a bit overwhelming seeing that my darkroom time is limited.

Went to an exhibition of Graham Finlayson (B&W work) today in The Lowry, Manchester and again I was amazed at the skill some photographers, like him, have to capture a moment. Some of the prints were really grainy, but one gets the feeling that if the composition really works, the grain and sometimes unsharpness can actually add lots of character to it - probably a sign of a true master.