View Full Version : Ilford and Kodak check demand for possible new films over on APUG

Arne Croell
25-May-2006, 03:44
I know lots of people here are also over on the APUG site, but since I have not seen it mentioned here, I'd like to point out 2 threads that caught my attention, but may not be seen by everybody. These 2 interesting threads are in the "Product availablity" subforum and deal with exciting (in my opinion) new b/w films.

In this one
the Harman/Ilford representative Simon Galley asks about the possible interest in Delta 3200 in sheet film, and also general interest in a Delta 25. If you have any interest in it, I'd suggest that you indicate that to Simon over at APUG - the more people the better! I'd love to have both (and also have Delta 400 back as sheet film).

In a a similar vein, but a little more off the regular track, this
is a report about new developments at Kodak and Fuji announced at a conference. The real news is a new material by Kodak with 12000-24000 ISO, a thermally developed b/w film (developed by heating to 160°C). On page 2 of the thread is a form giving the contact address at Kodak to indicate any possible interest in developing it into a product.

I thought both of these were great announcements and I hope many people will show their interest by contacting the manufacturers. (Disclaimer: I am not affililiated in any way with either Harman/Ilford or Kodak).