View Full Version : Calibrating color head to paper

brian steinberger
24-May-2006, 20:16
I'm wondering what the easiest way to calibrate my FB paper to my beseler 45M color head. That little piece of paper with the info that comes with the paper give a starting point, but what is the easiest way to do so? I know that you're looking for a consistent highlight exposure through the different grades. Thanks for the help!

25-May-2006, 10:48
the easiest way is not to calibrate it but to calibrate neg dev to paper to white light on the enlarger. Then very quickly you get a handle on how much time adjustment you need for each 5 or 10 units of yellow or magenta filtration.

If you try to calibrate for matching times with Y+M filtration you will need a lot of patience. Even then I doubt you will ever achieve constant times across grades because you will never be sure that what you judge to be the correct tone for speed matching is actually correct unless you use a desitometer while printing and you would need to wait for drydown to be accurate. In other words, its more effort than its worth.

But if you really feel the need to kill time then have a look at: