View Full Version : Printing Fuji Supergloss Type R

Ross Martin
15-Jan-2000, 23:36
Hello All,

Anyone out their doing their own type R printing from 4x5 chromes, especially th e Fuji Supergloss? I've seen very impressive quality on this Fuji paper, and am considering doing my own at home. If you have experience with the Fuji Supergl oss, please share your thoughts about it's quality relative to regular typr R an d/or Ilfochrome prints. Am I crazy for wanting to print my own 4x5 chrome at ho me, or are the rewards worth it? Thanks for your input!

Stpephen Willlard
19-Jan-2000, 11:24
I use Fuji Supergloss for printing 4x5 color negative films. I get more comments about the paper. Many people ask me if it is Cibrachrome. Most believe I am shooting with transparencies. The colors are rich, primary, and saturated. They also enhance the sharpness of the print. I have had some ask me if I was using 8x10 format.

Currently, all Fuji Crystal Archival papers are consider to have the best achival attributes for displaying including Cibrachrome. Draw back to the papers are they scratch easily, and they are very high contrast. I believe the papers can only record up to 3 stops of light that provide sufficient detail. I suspect the latter will be worse with type R papers. So plan on doing d&b and masking. The papers are also very expensive. I just bought a box of 50 sheet of 20x24 and believe I payed $300. Not cheap.

Despite the negatives, it is the only paper I would ever consider using.