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Norm Buchanan
24-May-2006, 16:26
Hello all,

I have found this forum very interesting and helpful so I thought it would be appropriate to join, and perhaps even contribute...

I live in Batavia Illinois and work as a particle physicist. I have been playing with LF for about 1 1/2 years and a trip to the Southwest convinced me to upgrade from the Calumet mono-rail I have been using to an Arca Swiss f-field (which arrived today - wow, what an upgrade!). I should say that I visited this forum MANY times whle trying to decide on the Arca Swiss - thank you.

I am looking forward to learning a great deal here.

Now off to practice with my new baby (sadly here in Illinois) before my return trip to Utah this fall.


steve simmons
24-May-2006, 17:29
I am not sure where you are but View Camera is doing a trade show and conference in Rockford, IL June 9-11. The trade show is free and all you have to do is show up. It will be a great opportunity to meet a lot of other lf photographers. The location is the Best Western Clocktower Resort in Rockford.

steve simmons

Norm Buchanan
24-May-2006, 17:59
Hi Steve,

I was aware and am planning to attend some of it - I have a conflicting conference during the week so I'll probably just register for Saturday and/or Sunday. I badly wanted to see the B&W presentation by Alan Ross but I beleive it is on the Friday.


Ron Marshall
24-May-2006, 18:30
Hi Norm, I'm in the Chicago area as well. You might be interested in Starved Rock state park or Turkey Run in Indiana. Enjoy the Arca, great choice.

Chuck Pere
25-May-2006, 12:06

In case you haven't seen them a couple area groups are:


And the Chicago regional forum on APUG.org.


25-May-2006, 13:27
do you work at fermilab?

what are your thoughts on turning it into a giant, tubular view camera?

Kirk Gittings
25-May-2006, 13:48
I am usually in Chicago in the summers as a visiting artist at the School of the Art Institute. But not this summer. I needed a break. I'll look you up next summer.

Norm Buchanan
25-May-2006, 17:52
Thanks everyone for the information and warm welcome.

Yes Paul I do work at Fermilab. I'll be sure to pass on your idea of converting the lab into world's largest, and certainly most expensive camera... it would make work even more enjoyable!

On a related note, it's nice as the lab somewhat limits the general public's access and thus it is a quiet and suprisingly scenic place to photograph - there are even Bison, fenced in Bison that is.