View Full Version : Jobo CPA-2 vs. CPP-2? How much for mint CPA-2?

Gregory Gomez
24-May-2006, 16:17
What are the key differences in features between the Jobo CPP-2 and the CPA-2?

I will be doing B&W 35mm and 4x5 film development with the Jobo.

I understand that the CPP-2 is accurate within 0.1 degrees C and the CPA-2 is accurate to 0.2C. I feel that 0.2C will be good enough, right?

I am inclined to buy the CPA-2 and use a Jobo lift with it.

Finally, what is a good price to pay for a mint-condition CPA-2 processor without lift or drums?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Scott Schroeder
24-May-2006, 17:17
Hi Greg,
For B&W, do you really need that level of temperature control?
How are you processing it now?
I have a 'modified' CPA-2 where there is no tank. It just has the control head and lift mounted on some wood. It's the same as using a beseler motor base, but it's easier to fill and empty!

Gregory Gomez
24-May-2006, 17:43

I am using a Combi-Plan and would like a more automated process, one where I can load the film and let the machine do most of the work. I also like the idea of better temperature control should I decide to try T-MAX 100 or Delta 100.


Oren Grad
24-May-2006, 18:11
I picked the CPA-2 when I bought my Jobo new several years ago. I've never regretted not spending the extra to get a CPP-2. You can find info about the differences in features here (http://www.jobousadarkroom.com/products/cpp-a.htm). You definitely want the Lift, though.

Can't tell you what a good price should be for a used one, but do watch out for the serial number - the motor's been upgraded more than once during the production run. Details here (http://www.jobousadarkroom.com/bulletins/b019.htm).

I don't develop my roll film in the Jobo - I do it manually with Paterson reels and tanks. I don't like the Jobo reels at all, and Jobo itself warns about potential problems with evenness of development when processing B&W roll film. That doesn't mean nobody's figured out how to do it, just that since I don't like the reels anyway, and I'm happy with my results working the old-fashioned way, I decided it wasn't worth the hassle to debug the process.

But for sheet film, the Expert drums are spectacularly good, and IMO the processor is worth every penny and then some for that use alone.

Gregory Gomez
24-May-2006, 18:42

Thanks for the information about the Jobo. I checked the link regarding the age of the processor and upgrade costs. It looks like to upgrade to the latest version, Grade 3, would cost about $550!

If I buy new, the CPA-2 seems like the right choice.

I will investigate the issue with the uneven development of B&W roll film. There are many more roll-film shooters than sheet-film users so one would think that Jobo would have fixed the problem with uneven development!


Bruce Watson
25-May-2006, 07:48
Check and see if the CPA-2 can take the 3010 tank. IIRC it can not. And that alone would be enough to make me consider the CPP-2. Fortunately, when I was looking for one years ago, the first thing that came available was a CPP-2. That and a 3010 tank makes for amazingly consistent 5x4 processing, including B&W.

Oren Grad
25-May-2006, 08:46
Bruce, the CPA-2 and CPP-2 use all of the drums interchangeably. They're basically the same machine, except for the temperature control arrangements. It's the CPE-2 that's smaller and can't use the Expert drums.

tim atherton
25-May-2006, 08:58
Gregory - read through this thread and you might find a really good deal...