View Full Version : Film in Baltimore/D.C Area

22-May-2006, 21:56
Does any one know where I can get 4x5 film in the Baltimore area? I have called several photo companies and no one carries it or can tell me where to get it at. I am looking specifically for Kodak Portra 400NC and 400Tmax

Scott Davis
23-May-2006, 03:14
Have you tried Service Photo on Charles Street? They should carry 4x5 film. If not, try Penn Camera down in Beltsville. They're the next closest pro shop to Baltimore that I can think of.

Christoforos Giatzakis
23-May-2006, 06:02
Don't know for Baltimore but in DC yopu could likely get it at Penn Camera. Look for their web site.

Ted Harris
23-May-2006, 07:04
Penn Camera as already mentioned, definitely carries a reasonable selection of flavors. Industrial Photo in Silver Spring also carries sheet film and there is a place on Connecticut Avenue just outside the Beltway that also carries it.

Regarding Service Photo .... are they still in business, thought they closed their doors a few years ago.

Scott Davis
23-May-2006, 07:15
Service Photo is still in business IIRC - I think they still run ads in Shutterbug. Industrial Photo is gone- they got bought out by Abbey Camera, then Abbey went belly-up. Most of the Abbey staff now work for Penn Camera at various locations.

I just looked up their website-


They are no longer on Charles Street, but over on Falls Road in Hampden. They don't list their film products explicitly on their website, but since they do show 4x5 cameras as stock products, I would find it very hard to believe that they no longer carry LF film.

23-May-2006, 09:15
I know for a fact that Penn Camera in Rockville carries 400TMax 4x5 sheet film. I've bought my last few boxes there.

The last time I was there they were out of EPY Readyloads, but they do stock them. They also stock the Portra color negative films in 4x5.

Photo Pro in Kensington has always been a good source for me as well (I've even bought 8x10 sheet film in there!) but I haven't visited there in about 3 years. You might give them a call.

Ted Harris
23-May-2006, 10:20
Photo Pro in kensington ... that's the place I was trying to think of.

Regarding Penn they also often have some of the cheapest prices in the country for Quick/Readyloads if you buy in quantity.

23-May-2006, 11:58
Unfortunately PhotoPro in Kensington is gone.

23-May-2006, 14:43
Unfortunately PhotoPro in Kensington is gone.

DAMN! That was a great store.