View Full Version : 90mm and 210mm lenses for Master Technika ?

22-May-2006, 19:05
I am just wondering what 90mm and 210mm lenses fit (even without front lens cap) in a folded Master Technika. Anyone got any experience with this ? Thanks much in advance.

- Phong

Matt Brain
22-May-2006, 20:17
A schneider 90mm angulon (not super angulon) will fit.


Matt Brain
22-May-2006, 20:18
Sorry, I forget to mention a 240mm g-claron in a copal 1 shutter does fit with the camera folded so I presume a 210mm claron would too.


22-May-2006, 20:33
An 8.25 Dagor fits nicely.

Frank Petronio
22-May-2006, 21:16
I used to use a 90/6.8 Schneider Angulon in a late Synchro-Compur on a recessed board and a 210/6.8 Rodenstock Geronar in a Copal 1 on flat board. Both closed withing the camera along with lens caps. The Angulon used a 40.5 to 52 step ring and a metal wide angle lenshade left on inside the camera. The Geronar also stepped up to 52 but I could fit the shade on and close the camera with it.

Nice combination, pretty bullet-proof.

23-May-2006, 01:08
but then, you will find that à first class 6x7 will be 5 times cheaper, and maybe even more sharp than an image produce with an old and cheap 4x5 lens !

Frank Petronio
23-May-2006, 05:41
The 90 Angulon and 210 Geronar I used were definitely as sharp as anything else. What you sacrifice is movements. I can mix film from them made with the latest Rodenstocks that I also used, they are equally sharp when used properly (at f/16 or 22!). I will admit they aren't so hot wide open...

The problem with thinking that a good 6x7 would be as good as an mediocre 4x5 is that it leads to a slipperly slope. The next rationalization will be that a good DSLR will be as good as your medium format film. Then you might rationalize that the new prosumer cameras are nearly as good the pro models. And the next thing you know you're walking around like a dork with a Digital Rebel and a silly 10X zoom lens instead of that elegant Technika.

"Mediocre" 4x5 still trumps everything but "High Quality" 4x5... I've been down this road before ;-)

Brian Ellis
23-May-2006, 08:19
Don't worry about whether a lens will fit on the camera when folded or not unless you plan to never own more than one LF lens (and even then there are many more important considerations in buying your one lens). If you have two lenses the odds are 50-50 you'll have the wrong one on the camera, thus causing you to have to take the wrong one off, store it, put the right one on, take it off, store it, put the original one back on. If you have 3 lenses the odds are worse etc etc.. OK, those aren't exact odds since you might use one of the lenses more than the others and keep that one on the camera but you get the idea. Yes, it saves time and effort if you have the right lens on the camera. But yes, it increases the time and effort if you have the wrong lens on the camera. Over time the effort and time saved vs the effort and time caused is pretty much going to balance out. And apart from anything else, considering the time making a LF photograph takes from opening the pack to closing it back up, putting a lens on the camera and taking it off when finished can't be more than a miniscule percentage of the total.

So, that's my grumpy message for today. I'm not posting any more until another "film vs digital" thread comes along.

23-May-2006, 09:06
Brian, who says you have to take both lenses at once?

Mention of the 50-50 rule reminds me of the more precise 50-50-90 rule: when there's a 50-50 chance I have the right lens mounted, 90% of the time I have the wrong one...

Bob Salomon
23-May-2006, 11:53
No modern/current 90mm or 210mm will fit in a folded Technika 45.