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22-May-2006, 15:51
I've just this last week taken the plunge by purchasing a used Wista M450 on the auction site. It will arrive tomorrow and I have a combination of eager anticipation and "oh oh what have I done" rolling around in my head.

I've taken thousands of photos between my Nikon D70 and trusty old N2020 (35mm) cameras, but the allure of LF was just too strong. As I began to experiment with digital panoramas to try and get higher resolution picture, I just thought... why not try LF?

The purchase of the Wista was somewhat of a spontaneous thing, but I'm looking forward to getting my feet wet.

One of my prime interests is in outdoor photography, which you can see on my smugmug at http://aroundomaha.smugmug.com, but I also take a lot of stills and candids in my Church community. Obviously the M450 may not be suited for all of those things, but it will be an interesting learning curve.

One thing I intend to do is digitize a lot of my shots (I have a Microtek i990 scanner) as I'm hooked on using photoshop.

Anyways, thats my spiel and I'm looking forward to contributing.

Now about the Wista... at the risk of really showing my ignorance, does the M450 use the same lens boards as the other Wista models? There is a real dearth of info on these wonderful cameras.


Dave Elfering - Aroundomaha

Ralph Barker
22-May-2006, 16:55
Welcome to the forum, Dave.