View Full Version : Verizon.net email problems

Tom Westbrook
21-May-2006, 09:30
We've discovered that all our emails to verizon.net email addresses is being rejected. We're working on discovering why (seems like some anti-spam measure run amuck). In the mean time, if you tried registering or resetting your password and your email address is a verizon.net address, you won't get the email and won't be able to complete the operation.

Until we solve the problem, users will have to use a non-verizon address to register or communicate with us. Existing users with verizon.net addresses can keep their email setting as is, but should be aware that if they get locked out of their account (forget password, etc) you will need to contact the Moderators directly to get things fixed. Be sure to include a non-Verizon email address so we can communicate with you!

Hopefully, it won't take more than a few days to fix, but the process Verizon has set up to address issues has no response times listed, so it could take a while to get an answer.

Thank you