View Full Version : Kodak Aerographic Plus-X film, 9 1/2"x125 feet roll

Hugo Zhang
20-May-2006, 18:53

I'd like to know if anybody has experience with this film. I have just ordered some from Ed of Mrfoto1. Based on what I read from internet, it seems to be a nice film for landscapes with yellow or red filters. I plan to use it on my antique 10x20 camera whose actual size is 9 1/2"x 19 1/2". Do I rate its speed as 100? How does it work with Pyrocat HD? It is a thin film, anybody with ULF camera has issues of film flatness?

Donald Qualls
21-May-2006, 15:19
From what I've read (haven't used it) the curl of the film does an excellent job of keeping it flat in 8x10; likely it'll be good in 10x20 as well. For speed, you'd need to test the same way you would any other film, though ISO 125 is the "box" rating. I'd expect any film to "work" in Pyrocat HD -- the question is whether you like the results, which again is a matter of testing for yourself.

FWIW, if I had an 8x10 or 10xsomething camera and a place to work for cutting, I'd find a way to get a roll of this stuff -- I'm sure I've got a developer around that would make it sing, or I can mix one that will, and it's impossible to beat the pricing.