View Full Version : Cleaning resin filters

Bruce Pollock
16-Jan-2000, 13:39
I've taken the plunge and invested in a Lee filter system with hood et al. I've been wondering about cleaning the inevitable fingerprints off the corners of th e filters. I know that you can buy a special resin filter cleaner liquid, but wa s wondering if it isn't exactly the same stuff that I can buy (a lot cheaper) fr om my local optician who sells it to clean plastic/resin eyeglass lenses.

I know I shouldn't cheap out when it comes to protecting my investment, but are there any thoughts on what to use to clean resin filters?

William Marderness
17-Jan-2000, 01:03
How about using a microfiber cloth with no liquid. I use this type of cloth all the time to remove fingerprints. I rarely need to use liquid.

Bill Glickman
31-Jan-2000, 05:31
I have a ton of these filters, and they are very hard to clean. Lee makes a cleaning fluid for them, that works fair at best. Be careful what you use, I was going to try ecllipse, the best lens solution out there, and the maker told me they will eat through lee resin filters! If you do find something that works good, let me know, I would be very interested in finding out something for myself...

Garrett Adams
31-Jan-2000, 22:37
I've had good luck using the product sold with the Singh-Ray ND grads. The lable states: "Singh-Ray Professional Lens Cleaner & De- Staticizer - For plastic and glass surfaces (it may be a repackaged and labled product). A one ounce squeeze bottle is included whenever I ordered a filter. You can call them for more information: 1-800-486- 5501.