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Eric Rose
20-May-2006, 15:03
I've had this baby for a while now and really love the shots from it. Just discovered that I can take the front element out and it looks like a very similar coverage to my 210mm. Way cool!

Does anyone else do this? And if so, can you post some picks you've taken with this configuration. Pleezzz

Will be using the lens (with all it's elements) tomorrow for some flower pics. Did some messing around with a +3 diopter today and it appears to be a good combo.

What a versatile little lens!

Ole Tjugen
21-May-2006, 04:40
Which 120mm lens is that? Angulon? If so - yes, they were originally sold as convertibles. Only for the few first years, though...

David Rees
21-May-2006, 06:54

I took a gamble a while back, and bought a Schneider 120mm APO L 2nd-hand, as a rough equivalent to the 110mm XL, but at 30% of the cost. I figured that the image circle of 189mm was likely to be enough for me, using a Wista DX 5x4 field camera.

One of the best decisions I ever made (right up there with getting ito 5x4). Image circle is ample, and the lens is incredibly sharp. I'm also able to store it inside the Wista, when I fold it up, which adds to the speed of setup in the field.

My 120mm has become my main lens for 5x4; the field of view seems to suit 70%+ of my images. I carry other lenses, but they rarely get mounted. I also love how small and light it is, compared to other LF lenses I own.

I like the idea of putting a diopter on it for close-up work -- I'll give that a try.



Eric Rose
21-May-2006, 09:42
Which 120mm lens is that? Angulon? If so - yes, they were originally sold as convertibles. Only for the few first years, though...

Yes the Angulon, in Linhof shutter.

Ole Tjugen
21-May-2006, 13:26
Yes the Angulon, in Linhof shutter.
I had a feeling it might be :)

The "old" type were soriginally sold as convertible, with the rear group giving about 1.5 times the focal length and the front about 2x. I don't know if the newer ones are the same though - I know there is a difference in the construction which is visible at the edges of the image circle, but I don't know if that difference shows up in the focal lengths of the groups as well. I will investigate. :)

I don't have a 120mm at present, so I will have to extrapolate from 90 (new), 165(newer) and 210mm (old).

Uli Mayer
21-May-2006, 14:27
This is what I found in Hans-Martin Brandt:"Das Photo-Objektiv":
120mm Angulon: front lens: 14 / 255mm; rear lens: 12 / 180.
The book was published in 1956.

Schneider has two later brochures on the Angulon in its on-line archive. But neither the one from 1963 nor the one from 1966 makes any references about its convertibility. You'll find the pdf-files at