View Full Version : Top R.F. Graphic cams

16-Jan-2000, 13:21
I recently purchased cams from S.S. for a 162mm lens for my top RF Crown Graphic . They appear to be new but not O.E.M. 1) the infinity position of the rack is changed compared to the original cam, is that normal? and 2) I can't tell any d ifference in a side-to-side comparison of the P11 and P12 cams? Should I be abl e to? They both seem to couple properly.

Tony Brent
16-Jan-2000, 14:13
You might want to go over to the Graflex site at www.graflex.org and look through their files. Mine has a side mounted Kalart so I dont have any cams to change. Instead I have to go through a rather involved series of steps to calibrate it to a new lens. Since I use the camera hand held with only the 135mm lens, I dont usually get involved in changing lenses. I stay within the limits of the one lens.

Doug Paramore
16-Jan-2000, 14:13
Bill: Is this a new cam for the same lens or is the other lens longer or shorter? If it is the same lens, there could be a difference if the new cam is wider than the old one. Open up the back and check the focusing with the ground glass. Focus on an object at infinity and see if the range finder and ground glass agree. If not, reset the infinity stops on the lens track with the indicator set at the infinity position. Then see if the rangefinder agrees with the ground glass at several distances, including the closest distance at which the range finder will focus. If the contour of the cam is the same, there should not be any change at different focusing distances between the rangefinder and ground glass focus. If all lines up with the ground glass, you should be o.k. This sounds more complicated than it is. Just make sure the rangefinder agrees with the ground glass. Hope this helps. Doug