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Paul Butzi
19-May-2006, 15:14
I see there's a 'two-click' way to add someone to your buddy list - click on their name in a post, then click on 'add to buddy list'

Ignore lists would sure be a lot more useful if there was a similar way to add someone to your ignore list.

Am I missing it?

Ralph Barker
19-May-2006, 15:22
If you click on the "view profile" link, there's a link there to add the person to your ignore list. Bingo. :eek:

Paul Butzi
19-May-2006, 15:29
thanks. I guess it never occurred to me to look at the profile of someone I want to ignore forever...

Sal Santamaura
20-May-2006, 06:51
What did I do this time?http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?p=159698#post159698

20-May-2006, 07:55
This is a valuable feature. I now officially approve of the site upgrade.

Ralph Barker
20-May-2006, 08:46
Hermit - we prefer to let everyone make their own decisions - especially with respect to their personal ignore list. ;)

Perhaps I should add, however, that it's not nice to add the moderators to one's ignore list. :eek:

Frank Petronio
20-May-2006, 12:58
But what about our self-esteem?

Ralph Barker
20-May-2006, 13:05
But what about our self-esteem?

You don't have to admit to knowing any of the moderators, Frank. It's just not nice for someone to block official e-mails. ;)

Henry Ambrose
20-May-2006, 13:59
I read the FAQ on the ignore list thing. Won't it be confusing (if not impossible to understand) to read threads with posts ignored? Especially if you ignored more than one participant in the thread?

How bad would you have to dislike anyone to do this? Seems like you do your self more harm than you do to them. Couldn't you just drive over to their house and give 'em a good whooping and get it over with? (just kidding about the whooping) ;) ;)

And I'm not saying anyone should or shouldn't "ignore list" people, I just wonder what good it does? Maybe I'm missing something here.........

Ralph Barker
20-May-2006, 15:12
In my view, Henry, it's for those people who really, really get under one's skin, where ignoring them is better than being sucked into yet another verbal duel. You still see that they posted, but you don't see the text.

David A. Goldfarb
20-May-2006, 15:12
The ignore list works best for the benefit of the group rather than the ignorer and the ignoree. There are some people who--for everyone else's sake--just shouldn't talk to each other in public.

Henry Ambrose
20-May-2006, 15:45
Thanks guys.

20-May-2006, 22:52

One needs to evaluate the marginal benefit of retaining one's sanity compared to the marginal cost of reading someone's drivel! :)