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Joel Pinson
19-May-2006, 00:30
Hi, I'd like to use a Fuji C 600mm on an 8x10 Tachihara double extension. The bellows only lacks few centimeters, and so I'm looking for a way to mount an extension tube onto a Tach's Sinar type wooden lensboard. Any chance to find something manufactured or should I have to have it made ? Thanks for ideas. Joel

Ron Marshall
19-May-2006, 06:34
I bought a set from Midwest Photo to mount my fuji 450mm on my Toho.

There are three components to the system: a technika style board with about a 12mm extension tube permanently attached to it; a circular plate that screws into the end of this extension; 35mm extension tubes that can be added between the first two components [as many as necessary (I use three)].

The first two components are sold together for about $125. The 35mm tubes are $38 each.

19-May-2006, 06:50
two sets (both from China) on eBay for Linhof-style lens boards:




David A. Goldfarb
19-May-2006, 07:33
I've got the Wista extension tube set, which gives you a tube mounted on a Linhof-type board, two additional tubes, and three mounting disks for Copal 0, 1, and 3, and you could drill a smaller one to some other size if needed or order more tubes or disks. I've got a couple of Linhof-Sinar adapters so I can use the tubes on one of my cameras that takes Sinar boards, if I ever needed to (which isn't too likely in my case).

Brian Ellis
19-May-2006, 08:49
I'm not familiar with the 8x10 but can you not use base tilt to move the lens forward of the camera bed by a couple inches and then use axis tilt to straighten the lens - or does the 8x10 not have axis tilt on the front?

Ralph Barker
19-May-2006, 09:25
The Tachi 8x10 double-extension will do what you describe, Brian, although I believe the front retainer tab needs to be removed from the track to get the compensating axis tilt. It's still fairly sturdy that way, but I'm not sure it gives enough extension to handle a 600mm lens. I get about 550mm of bellows extension on mine, without stretching it too much.

Joel Pinson
19-May-2006, 09:48
Thanks guys, that's more than I had expected ! sounds like I have a couple of solutions. Brian/Ralph, the 8x10 Tachi doesn't have axis tilt on the front so I'm not sure that I could do what you describe. Thanks again. Joel

Ralph Barker
19-May-2006, 10:11
Joel - I have the same camera. If you loosen the knobs on the front standard, and slide the lens-board assembly down so the retainer tab exits the little notch, as you would when folding it up for transport, you can fudge axis tilts. Obviously, that's less sturdy than normal, but can do in a pinch.

Joel Pinson
19-May-2006, 10:19
Ralph, I now see what you mean; never tried that, but thanks for the tip, could be useful ! I'll give it a try to see if I can get enough extension that way for the 600mm. Joel