View Full Version : Zeiss Process Lens to Soft Focus Conversion?

Doug Pollock
18-May-2006, 08:42
Can I convert a Zeiss Process Lens (45cm) to a soft focus lens by creating and inserting discs similar to the Imagon into the slot which I assume is designed for waterhouse stops? Has anyone tried this? Can anyone provide a photocopy/picture of the Imagon 360 discs so I might manufacture my own? Is the project a waste of time?

Paul Schilliger
18-May-2006, 09:04
Interesting idea, but it won't work that way. Imagons are especially designed to produce a diffusing effect by some optical aberrations (spherical aberration I believe but I could be wrong). The disks are used as a grid to replace the diaphragm and they are aimed at sharpening and giving more contrast and depth to the image. Different levels of contrast are obtained with different grids. With no disk mounted the Imagons are extremely soft and diffuse, whereas a process lens is very sharp and contrasty.