View Full Version : Newbie! Need help with Zeiss lens ?! Please help :)

17-May-2006, 22:20
Hi, I picked up a huge lot of polaroid land camera items including 195 and mp4 reprocamera setup. In the lot was a piece marked Carl Zeiss Germany on a silver tag.

The piece is black and consists of 2 parts that when assembled form a T. The smaller bottom piece is marked as above, but on the end not on a tag the piece has + and - and some straight lines. It has a serial number in the 4 millions.

The long black piece that forms the top of the T has what looks like a microscope lens in one end and is marked 10X inside when taken off.

The other end has outer threads with nothing attached and has what looks like a shutter inside that end comes off as well. This piece has a little wheel marked T B 1 2 etc., up to 125.

Other than the Zeiss tag, there are no markings on the large piece. It is quite rounded compared to normal straight lens this looks more like a rocket ship.

I bought all this to start a photography class in the fall, but am obviously in way over my head, and the whole mess is going on ebay, hopefully with my limited knowledge I can at least recoup my investment :)

Now, this Zeiss item is driving me batty, and I need to know what it is for. My initial thought was for some sort of camera microscope, since the MP4 is often used in labwork. Any guesses?!? I would like to add links to pictures, but being new I don't know how to do that yet. If anybody can offer assistance it would be greatly appreciated, even if it is just a link of some sort. Thanks!!

Thomas Vaehrmann
17-May-2006, 22:52

you are right it's for micro(scope) photography. The thing with the dial is a central-leaf-shutter, eg self-cocking Ibsor or Prontor-type. The optic part could be a special lens like Luminar. Both can be used for close-ups on a normal LF-camera.

17-May-2006, 23:27
One of the cable releases in the lot says Prontor on it, so that must go with the unit. Thank you so much for your assistance! I think I will be able to find out more info. now that I have a direction to follow.