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17-May-2006, 14:24
Mountain range in the north of Tehran.

17-May-2006, 20:06
*Sigh*- don't remind me! I typed out a whole funny travelogue, then somehow lost it all, so I gave up and just left a single photo.

But on a side note, it is kinda interesting how we tend to view everything about "them" through some sort of political angle. I've noticed this more than once -- when looking at a photo we tend to bring a lot of baggage & preconceptions along which influences what we read or don't read into the photo. I suppose we're all victims of our environment. Perhaps that's one of the purposes of travel photography -- to view things from outside our own environment? To realize our own limited conceptions of other people and places and instead perhaps get a view into "real" life there? Or is that just artsy-smartsy philosophy?

Its a snowy mountain pass. From there on, you can read into it what you will, I suppose.