View Full Version : Changing view of postings

17-May-2006, 09:39
Is it posible to change the page layout so all posts of a given thread are all on one page, as per the old system. So one may roll to the bottom to read the newest post and avoid waiting for page changes. Or is it posible to open a thread and have the posts in asending order to view the newest first.

Tom Westbrook
17-May-2006, 10:00
There is a seeting in your User CP options that lets you choose how many posts to view on each page. Looks like you can display up to 40 posts on a page with that setting.

QT Luong
17-May-2006, 11:16
I don't know if you've noticed, on the left of the thread title, there is a small icon that looks like an arrow pointing down. If you click on it, it takes you directly to the first new message in that thread.