View Full Version : C-41 Separate Blix?

Al Seyle
17-May-2006, 09:02
I just ran across this:


which talks about using separate bleach and fix for C-41 process. Can anyone more light on this? I've never heard of it. Anyone know what specific products are there for going this route?

Mark Sampson
17-May-2006, 09:10
The C-41 process I've always used has seperate bleach and fix steps. There are many C-41 process variations, depending on application; minilab, dip'n'dunk, roller-transport, etc. You should see if the Kodak website can explain the differences or talk to a tech rep.

Al Seyle
17-May-2006, 09:20
I'm talking about for home (Jobo) use, not a commercial lab.

17-May-2006, 10:07
I don't know which chemicals you use. The Fuji-Hunt I use is intended to be used in the following fashion.


The blix step is really an overflow tank. It's intially made up with a combination of bleach and fix. Over time the other two tanks over flow into the blix tank. You replenish the bleach and fix tank.

Now I don't use a mini lab but just Jobo tanks. So I leave out the blix step. Instead I use longer bleach and fix steps.

Not using a Blix but instead a bleach and fix is a good thing because once you combine the two the blix doesn't keep that well. OTOH each part on it's own keeps much better. For us small time users the added keeping is a big plus.