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Janko Belaj
16-May-2006, 17:33
I think I have seen somewhere that there is list of online members... in some faq maybe? (maybe on softwares homepage because I can't find it here anymore)... Am I looking on some wrong place here, or is it disabled? I think that is cute feature.

The other think I would like to ask is if it is possible to add some more listings/sortings of members list -- there are two thinks I'm manually looking for: members home pages and members profile picture.
The first one isn't that hard to find but is lot to "click"... it is a fine long list of members here... (maybe to create some extra page for such list? It won't be hard to write in php)
The second one is somewhat harder, but not impossible too. Requires same kind of question (select id where photo is not null) but needs one more cell in a table raw...

no pressure of course, just ideas...

Ralph Barker
16-May-2006, 17:50
Look for "Who's online" under the "Quick Links" drop down on the nav bar.

We may look at additional sorts on the member's list after things settle down.

Janko Belaj
16-May-2006, 17:56
I can't... here is what I see:
Quick Links
Today's Posts
Mark Forums Read
Open Buddy List
User Control Panel
Edit Signature
Edit Profile
Edit Options
Private Messages
Subscribed Threads
My Profile

Janko Belaj
16-May-2006, 17:59
oh yes - Mac OS X 10.4.6, Safari 2.0.3 or Firefox 1.0.7...

Ralph Barker
16-May-2006, 19:08
Oops. The Who's Online feature is only visible to admins. Currently, the user view is turned off.

Dan Jolicoeur
17-May-2006, 07:04
Personally I would just as soon you keep it to admin's only. Everyone usually just goes in and changes there profile not to be seen otherwise.
Just my 2 cents,

Tom Westbrook
17-May-2006, 08:22
I went ahead and turned it back on. Like Dan said, if you don't want to show up on the list, you can turn on "Invisible mode" in your user options.