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John Jarosz
16-May-2006, 16:52
Hello all,

I'm getting myself up-to-speed on 8x10 lenses. In going thru old posts (I found this reference in Sep of 2001) there were quite a few mentions of a "Large Format Optical Reference Manual" by JL Wooden published by Data Obscura Press. Well Google and Amazon come back with nothing by any of those; publisher, author, or title. Anybody been here that long and know if this book is any good and if I should try to find it?

I've found a lot of info already in the old posts, I was just wondering about this one reference.

I've visited the old forum a few times in the past, this format seems to be easier to come back to as a steady "stop" on my surfing.



Jason Greenberg Motamedi
16-May-2006, 17:30
Sounds self-published.

A google search for "Data Obscura Press" finds three references, with contact information here: http://medfmt.8k.com/mf/lflenses.html (scroll down a bit)

John Kasaian
16-May-2006, 17:52
Try Abe Books.

Brian Ellis
16-May-2006, 18:00
J. L. Wooden? I thought he was a basketball coach.