View Full Version : View by Most Popular Topics?

Frank Petronio
16-May-2006, 04:52
Is this possible? It would be nice to sort by number of posts or views, or have a little fire next to the hottest threads...


Ralph Barker
16-May-2006, 05:53
Within the unified view, hot topics will tend to stay near the top of the list. And, the color of the envelope changes to reddish for "hot" topics. The post-count column helps in this regard, as well (a numeric icon?).

Arne Croell
16-May-2006, 06:02
So what triggers the color change of the envelope symbol? The number of posts or the number of posts in a certain time? And what opens or closes the envelope?

Ralph Barker
16-May-2006, 06:13
The open envelope means there are new posts that you, individually, haven't read. The color change is triggered by the post count, but at present it appears to be fairly low. We may want to adjust that over time.

The icons are explained on the regular view, but don't get incorporated into the unified view display, as it's actually a search result.