View Full Version : Calamity Jane/Dianne

16-May-2006, 03:26
WhatInHell'd they do to the Forum !!??

I hate "change" - it makes me dizzy!

Well since they're changing everything anyway, I'll switch from my 19th Century personna to my 20th Century street name. If you find me on the street doing wet plate, I'll still be dressed like it's 1870!

I'm one of those poor souls who fell into LF a few years ago with a home-made 4x5 and now have a whole shelf full of LF cameras up to 8x10. I started photography with 35mm in the 1960's, moved to MF in 1980 (120 roll film), LF about 2 years ago, and wet plate last year. If I keep going in the same direction at the same speed, I will be drawing on cave walls with charcoal in another couple of years!

I hail from Manitoba, Canada


Tom Westbrook
16-May-2006, 04:18
Welcome back, Dianne! Glad you made it in one piece. We will attempt to quit changing things--this last bout will keep us busy for a couple of weeks, at least :D.

Ralph Barker
16-May-2006, 05:46
Glad you made it to the new forum, Dianne.

Ernest Purdum
16-May-2006, 06:40
I spent one winter in Manitoba, Dianne. Churchill, to be precise. Unless you are much further south, perhaps your fondness for ancient techniques could be explained by lenscaps being less prone to freezing than shutters.

Dan Fromm
16-May-2006, 07:49
For heaven's sakes, woman, how can you change your name and then tell the rest of us to change nothing?

Yeah, I know, consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.