View Full Version : HP-5+ or Tri-X in D-23

William Marderness
14-Jan-2000, 21:20
Anyone out there use D-23 and have starting times for HP-5+ or for Tri-X. I espe cially want times for a 1:1 dilution, but times at any dilution will help.

Secondly, has anyone tried divided D-23? How is the contrast? N-1 or N-2?

John Hicks
14-Jan-2000, 23:33
HP5+ in D-23 1:1

9'30"/68F EI 250

8'/68F EI 160 N-1

HP5+ in split D-23. That's D-23, followed by 40g/L borax bath.

6' Part A / 6' Part B N-2 EI 250

BTW, I don't particularly recommend these. Compared to D-76H 1:1, D-23 causes the beginnings of a very mild shoulder out beyond Zone XII but is slightly grain ier and has slightly lower acutance.

Split D-23 yields fairly straight curve shapes out to Zone XIV (the limit I te st) with no compensating action or highlight compression. CI can be controlled b y time in Part A.