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Mark Pope
15-May-2006, 13:46

my name is Mark Pope. I live in Swindon in the UK.
I'm very new to LF photography: so much so that I don't have a LF camera yet:)
I'm planning to get one next month. I've recently acquired a Devere 504 enlarger with dichromat head, so at least my darkroom is ready. I plan to concentrate on black and white photography, and I intend to make full use of the Zone System to (hopefully) get the best out of the medium.

I'm reasonably experienced using smaller formats and I've been printing my own work for getting on for eight years, so I hope I've got a good background which will help me when I make the move up to bigger and better things.

So that's me. I look forward to participating in the forums as my learning curve goes vertical!


Ralph Barker
15-May-2006, 13:50
Hi Mark. Glad to have you join us.

15-May-2006, 14:32
Hello from south of Miami Florida!

Bob Gentile
15-May-2006, 14:36
Hi, Mark. I'm a newbie here, too, but I've been a lurker for over a year. I've found the people here to be very helpful and understanding. And very patient with newcomers to LF.

16-May-2006, 12:33
you wouldn't by any chance know Brian Walker?

Mark Pope
17-May-2006, 09:34
Thanks everyone for the welcome.
Robc - I do know Brian Walker. I did a couple of his courses at the Blackthorn centre near Swindon. He taught me the Zone system as well as studio lighting.


17-May-2006, 11:21
I also did a couple of courses there when it first started up. Not sure if he's still teaching or not.

Mark Pope
25-May-2006, 12:45
I don't think he is. The Blackthorn centre is run by someone else now.