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15-May-2006, 13:25
Hello everybody,

My name is Stefano, I'm italian photographer. I've been using large cameras for a long time. I usually use a 8x10 Lotus view camera for my contact prints with AZO paper and my 5x7 Linhof for my Platinum/Palladium prints.

I hope to meet here lots of new Large;)(format) photography users to learn new things.



Ralph Barker
15-May-2006, 13:27
Welcome to the LF Forum, Stefano.

15-May-2006, 14:30
Welcome to the LF Forum Stefano! A great resource indeed.
I just bought something manufactured in Italy: Lacuna Coil's CD, "Karmacode". My seventeen year-old was fascinated when I asked him about them. I saw them on Jimmy Kimmel Live and haven't been the same since. ;)

Pete Caluori
15-May-2006, 18:58
Ciao Stefano,

Welcome! My grandparents are from Italia, but unfortunately I never learned how to speak Italiano. My wife & I had a wonderful time in Italia last year and we hope to be back in the near future.

I use many different formats and many different processes, my favorites being 8x20 (inches) and Palladium. Feel free to contact me for help...

Ciao, Pete

Armin Seeholzer
19-May-2006, 11:52
Ciao Stefano

Just was for a short trip in the Novarra region at lago O'rta, as always very nice to be in Italy, forca Italia!
I had my 8x10 Burke & James with me and my wife and we had a very good time!
Soon I will also start with alt processes, but bevor I start with some AZOs!
Welcome from Switzerland, Armin

19-May-2006, 18:12
Bonjourno Stefano,

Nope, I'm NOT Italian! :) Just a lover of Italian food, wine, and...... more wine! :) :)

At any rate... welcome to the forum. There's some marvelous people here who are more than generous with their time and knowledge. So, learning new things isn't going to be a difficult thing for you to do.

BTW, we're hoping to be in the Super-Tuscan wine region next year for a month and I will definitely be loading up my LF gear to bring with me! I can hardly wait! :)