View Full Version : Hello from Germany

15-May-2006, 11:49
I just joined this group after an announcement on the APUG forums.

Newbie to LF, hope to learn a lot here on LF, have done MF so far.

My Sinar wants to get unpacked ;-)

Ralph Barker
15-May-2006, 11:55
Welcome to the LF Forum, Folker. In addition to the many experienced LF users here, you may find the articles and other information on the site home page to be helpful. Just click on the "LF Home Page" link in the navigation bar.

15-May-2006, 14:34
Hello from south Florida! I remember you from APUG. Enjoy all the great resources found here.

16-May-2006, 05:09
Thank you very much for your warm welcome!
I`ll do my very best ;-))