View Full Version : vBulletin and browsers

Scott Knowles
15-May-2006, 06:05
Is there a Web site for vBulletin? I noticed Safari won't save my name and password for the automatic fill-in in the login box in the first browser window. This is a problem also with Yahoo but not with any other Web site I've run across. I haven't tried other browsers. Do users with Netscape and IE have this problem?

Just an observation, and it can easily wait "until the dust settles."

Tom Westbrook
15-May-2006, 06:12
It works for me in Firefox, Netscape & IE6. Are you using the 'Remember Me' check box, or just relying on the browser's internal credential-saving thing?

Tom Westbrook
15-May-2006, 06:48
BTW, the vBulletin site is www.vbulletin.com which has a forum (surprise!) where you can search to see if anyone else has the same problem. There is a more informal site at www.vbulletin.org also.

Ralph Barker
15-May-2006, 08:06
Interestingly, it only partially works for me on Firefox, even though Tom and I seem to be using the same version. Firefox remembers my user name, but not the password, even after telling the password manager to remember both.

Maybe this is something we can address with the vBulletin folks as time allows.

Tom Westbrook
15-May-2006, 08:38
I guess I should add that I use the 'Remember Me' check box and haven't had problems with it not logging me in automatically (unless I manually log off). That requires cookies, though.

The browser's password manager hasn't worked for me, either, since I think it clears the field just before the form is submitted. Maybe some JavaScript thing. Like Ralph said, we can check into it.

Paul Coppin
15-May-2006, 08:49
The performance of "remember me" routines is dependent on the cookie settings in your browser (don't know about Safari, specifically), but unless you essentially have cookies set wide open, you'll find "remember me"s to be erratic.

Scott Knowles
15-May-2006, 17:46
I noticed when I log out, vBulletin puts a notice on the screen it removes the user id and password cookies, and I notice in the security features in Safari, the cookies are removed. If I don't log out but simply go away, the cookies stay and it automatically logs me in without typing. I can't find a setting in the user option not to remove the cookies. So it works and interesting.

Tom Westbrook
16-May-2006, 04:11
Yes, if you manually log out you will need to manually log back in. I guess the idea is that if you are using a computer that only you or people you trust have access to, that you don't need to manually log out, so you can just let your connection time out (it does after 30 minutes of inactivity).

If you are logging in from an insecure location (public libraries, cafe's, etc) then you definitely want to log in & out manually. In this case you don't want the browser to remember your log in info for you, either.

Scott Knowles
16-May-2006, 05:31
Tom, I suspect it's a Safari thing, the user id and password won't show up in the autofill list. Similar to Yahoo, something in their and vBulletin software isn't capable with Safari for this option. But it works if I just go away, vBulletin ignores the time out, and reads the cookies to say I'm logged in (don't get the log in window). Since it's just my computer, it's safe. Thanks for the responses.