View Full Version : small circle wide angle lens for fun

Janko Belaj
14-May-2006, 17:34
well, I'm looking for lens with circle smaller than film fomrat. wide angle and cheap. with shutter. something like lenses for old mamiya unversal, or for small view cameras. the point is that my brother asked "why you (photographers) don't shoot circular photos"... :-))
I won't buy it right now, just looking what to take... I have 4x5" (9x12cm) and 8x10" (18x24cm) camers (for b&w I use cm format) and I'm aware that for fun I could take my 135mm symmar on 18x24cm... but maybe is there some cheap 5x7" lens, or maybe some 6x7cm lens with shutter. not 6x9 beacuse I won't get whole circle on 9x12cm film...
any ideas? (maybe someone have some "leftover"? :-))

Ralph Barker
14-May-2006, 19:12
You might look for an old 120 or 620 folding camera that needs serious body repair, but in which the lens is still in decent shape. Then, steal the lens and adapt it to a lens board for your 4x5.

Brian Vuillemenot
14-May-2006, 23:10
Why don't you just use one of your 4X5 lenses on your 8X10 and see how that works?

Bill Kantor
15-May-2006, 04:56
Check out the work of Emmet Gowin. http://www.masters-of-photography.com/G/gowin/gowin_curtains_full.html
This is the first of several circular images on this site. I am sure you can find more if you Google him.

I believe that he made his circular images with an 8x10 and a 90mm Angulon. They are about the cheapest view lens available. Often trading for under $100 in a shutter on eBay. I own one and it is extraordinarily sharp.