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13-May-2006, 19:30
I tried to email this problem to the lf forum email address that was in an email but it bounced back so I'll try here.

I have been using chrisf as my user name since joining the lf community a couple of years ago. I see under the member list it is not listed. I received an email and when I tried to log in I got an error message. So I registered anew using the same email address and user (chrisf) and I am now registered but don't see my name in the members area. Also I would like my name to reflect the correct date of when I joined.

thanks, and I like the new site,

Tom Westbrook
13-May-2006, 19:35
Chrisf, take a look at this post--it should tell you how to rectify your issue: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=17402

BTW, we've been getting emails since I fixed a problem with it this morning, so try again if it didn't succeed earlier.

Ralph Barker
13-May-2006, 19:35
Thanks. I actually got your e-mail and responded.

14-May-2006, 12:14

Will all my old posts (last two years) be merged with my new account?

Ralph Barker
14-May-2006, 15:01
Chris - yes, posts and stats will be transferred. Because that requires an overall re-index of the database, we're waiting to cover a few at once.