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Janko Belaj
13-May-2006, 17:07
O.K... "older" members know that my english isn't the perfect one, so -- what means "recent plunge"? I think that can be explained as "something new that someone have made"... am I wrong? Anyway, I hope that I took it right and that I can post one of my newer shots here... one of those I do like...

That is spring of "Black river" (Crna rijeka) - the main water source for "Plitvice lakes" (Plitvicka jezera), National park in the middle of Croatia. Picture has been taken with Tachihara 4x5, Kodak EPP slide and Schneider 210mm G-Claron. (shame on me - I have lost my notes of exposures used that day)

(btw, I think that those attachment rules are too rigorous for LF photos...)

Tom Westbrook
13-May-2006, 17:25
Lovely picture, Janko. We can look into increasing attachment sizes if it seems to restrictive to users. generally it allows 650x650, 150K as a maximum for jpeg's .

Ralph Barker
13-May-2006, 17:33
I agree, lovely image.

Your interpretation of "plunge" was correct. While usually associated with diving into water, it can also mean to "dive" into a new endeavor, often with the same sort of "sink or swim" alternatives.

13-May-2006, 18:11
Janko, I recently saw a travel show that touched on the Plitvice lakes and must say that area looked beautiful.

Paul Coppin
13-May-2006, 18:21
"Plunge" also has a suggestion of having "jumped in" forcefully, meaning done with energy, force or enthusiasm. Not just diving, for most any tasks, but usually implies an action of "something into something, forcefully"

I plunged into the swimming pool. ("dive" implies grace, plunge does not.)

A dagger was plunged into the attacker.

He plunged into the study of large format photography. :)

Ted Harris
13-May-2006, 18:26
Janko, some very very nice images on your website. Do you happen to havce any images you could post from your church project of a few years ago?

Janko Belaj
15-May-2006, 17:03
Well Ted, which one site? "svjetlopisi" or "fotozine"? :)

And about that church project - it isn't finished yet (and who know when it will be?). but I have made two exhibitions and two books. The third one will be held this summer. And big monograph this or next year. What I have done so far can be seen (in a really small size, unfortunately) on http://ik-ranger.net/ and http://ik-ranger.net/galerija.php I just don't know how interesting that will be for this community... that isn't "ART"... maybe some kind of "art", but not the one with big letters if you know what I mean - a lot of job to be done, but just few people can recognize and realize what amount of ... knowledge, time and patience had to be put in those pictures. I won't call them photographs because almost all of them went through heavy digital reconstruction - the real colors faded, walls are filled with crack and many parts of paintings are missing. For some pictures I went several time on location. This one shot is 4th, and I'm not considering it as successful, but had to show it. Church is so tall and narrow that I haven't been able to make proper shot even with 65mm SA... http://ik-ranger.net/galerija.php?LokalitetID=4&SlikaID=45 (the altar was moved closer to the middle of the church so I had to literally paint part of the wall in the lower right corner... fortunately there is only blank part of wall - fake doors.)

While I'm photographing and digitally reconstructing paintings of Johannes Baptista Ranger, the real painters are ...hm, here comes my clumsy english... restaurating/reconstructing? the real wall paintings, so there is always something new to shot. I'm proud that some of my digital reconstruction have been used for those real ...restauration/reconstruction jobs. One example, the one which will probably be on line next year, is this arch http://ik-ranger.net/galerija.php?LokalitetID=4&SlikaID=30 and his main segment http://ik-ranger.net/galerija.php?LokalitetID=4&SlikaID=31

For that second picture I took elements from 3 different churches and have created something that Ranger's expert (happened to be my mother) think that is showing what have been lost in one earthquake hundreds years ago...

(Half of those shots have been made with Sinar, other half with Hasselblad. And, unfortunately, I haven't found time yet to finish english and deutch part of site... but pictures doesn't need language... :)))

Paul Fitzgerald
19-May-2006, 23:12

an unrelated thought that might help:


or ebay item #7621201500

looks like it would work for your ceiling shots, maybe.

Just a thought

Turner Reich
25-May-2006, 20:06
A really nice peaceful picture. Well done!