View Full Version : Merging your old messages

Tom Westbrook
13-May-2006, 09:38
If you were an active member in past LF Forums and registered a new account for yourself in this new forum, you may want to get your old posts attached to your new user account.

To do that, contact the moderators (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/sendmessage.php) with the request. They require the following information to do that:

Your current user name--the one you log in with.
A list of all the old user names your posts can be found under. List each on a separate line.

You can use the search feature (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/search.php) to find your posts.

Please be accurate and site user names exactly as give in the forum. Including a URL to an example post next to each old user name can help avoid mistakes and expedite your request.

The moderators will do these in batches as time allows. It may take up to a week for them to complete your request, depending on volume.

Jerry Fusselman
13-May-2006, 11:19
This did not work for me. The email I sent for this bounced back as undeliverable.

Tom Westbrook
13-May-2006, 11:22
Interesting, can you email or PM me the bounced email? I'm most interested in the headers.

Tom Westbrook
13-May-2006, 12:42
Looks like I got the bounce issue fixed. Try it again if anyone had the same problem.