View Full Version : Love note to Admin + tip about header

Frank Petronio
13-May-2006, 06:53
I absolutely love the new forum. It is balls out the bestest thing you ever did. I did like the old forum but this will be so much easier for you to manage.

It is working great.

Couple small tweaks: The banner header is slightly off - try saving it as a gif and forcing the background to be "cccccc". Ralph's Tachi will still look OK and the background will blend (something a jpg won't do). It is OK to save small photos as gifs, really.

The designer in me wishes you used more expressive type and a more subtle drop shadow in the title text too.

And I would pick even softer colors for the various blue bars and headers - with the idea of the black text being the strongest element on the page (easier to read).

Frank Petronio
13-May-2006, 06:57
opps, should have posted this in Feedback. I bet the newly super-powered moderators can move it though...