View Full Version : lenshade for Polaroid 110

Frank Petronio
10-May-2006, 19:26
Looking for a lenshade for a vintage Rodenstock Ysarex 127mm f/4.7 lens on a Polaroid 110B conversion (by Dean Jones (http://homepages.ihug.com.au/~razzle/) - nice job). Are there any easy to find equivilants from all these old series-era shades and filters.

I see the original slip-on plastic shade is being sold for $58 on flea-bay. That's a silly price for a half a pill bottle spray painted black...

Donald Brewster
11-May-2006, 08:38
Have you tried Littman? ;-)

Frank Petronio
11-May-2006, 08:53
Wise apple. Maybe I'll go post this on APUG and watch Sean and Auggie have a melt down.

Patrik Roseen
11-May-2006, 09:09
If your Ysarex includes a filter thread you could do a search on ebay looking for 'lens-hood' and filther thread 'xy.zmm'. There are lots of them around 10USD.

Frank, check your mailbox as I might have found something for you!

Vick Vickery
11-May-2006, 09:53
Frank, if you'll measure the outside front of your lens, I'll look in my pile of Series VI push-on adapters and see if I have an extra in the size you need; easy to come up with Series VI hoods.

Ralph Barker
11-May-2006, 10:04
Frank - have you thought about using part of a TP roll, with a gaffer's tape retainer? ;-)

Frank Petronio
11-May-2006, 13:55
While the toilet paper roll would be appropriate for much of my subject matter, Patrik did me a favor and located an auction for a Walz Polaroid shade for only $4.95 BIN that should do the trick. Thanks!