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Hugo J. Zhang
10-May-2006, 12:46
In search of my 10x20 film, I contacted Photo Warehouse this morning. They are field testing a new B&W film from Europe and so far the result is very promising. They have a waiting list of 40-50 people and they will know in the next few weeks about the availibility and prices. Yes, they can cut the films to your size. Anybody know what kind of film this will be?

Jim Galli
10-May-2006, 13:29
Hugo, J&C's Cirkut film is 10" X 100 feet. Sweet film too. Efke 100. I wouldn't look any further myself. Unless PW comes in with a cut price that zings John's. I'm a bit cautious about competition on these levels though. Sort of like the the Las Vegas & Tonopah RR duking it out with the Bullfrog and Rhyolite in 1907 over the 4 customers. They both went broke and now we have neither.

Leonard Robertson
10-May-2006, 18:38
Jim - I don't know if you saw the earlier thread on 10" film for Hugo's camera:

Do you have an opinion on how 10", .004" Cirkut film will work in sheet film holders, both for flatness and loading?

Donald Qualls
10-May-2006, 19:16
I'm led to wonder which of the several existing films constitutes a "new" B&W film from Europe. Given they could be including Russia and Ukraine, that could include Agfa from the warehouse stocks, Efke (including ADOX and Maco), Forte, Foma, Tasma, or Svema. I've never heard of Tasma or Svema being cut in sheet sizes or coated on heavier sheet film base, though they might have been in Soviet days and could have been last year and I might not have heard. I wouldn't expect them to call anything from Ilford "new" since that's what they used to sell most of under rebranding, and I don't know what current "Ultrafine" film is (still Ilford, from their own old stock?).

Shantou Era, Lucky, and anything made by whoever coats J&C Pro 100 would certainly not be considered "European" by any reasonable stretch, nor would anything from Konica warehouse stock or Fuji.

Jeffrey Sipress
10-May-2006, 22:15
Jim, when I hear talk of those old narrow gauge and short lines that ran in eastern Nevada over a hundred years ago, my heart leaps with excitement. I've studied them for many years and built a scale model layout based on them. Uh, what was this thread about? I got distracted......

Jim Galli
10-May-2006, 22:40
Thanks Len, I missed that thread on the first go-around.

Hugo I use almost exclusively J&C 10" wide X 100 foot long Cirkut film in my 8X10 cameras. I cut it myself. It's no big deal at all. The 10" is correct for the holders and I cut it at 7 7/8+ whatever it is so it fits the holders. (note: I bought 10 100 foot rolls last year and put it in the deep freeze as hedge against the future. Already halfway through the second roll!! At 150 8X10's per roll, that's a lot of 8X10 shooting. I don't hold back)

The film is rolled "emulsion in" so it has a natural curl into the emulsion. This curl is enough to hold the film flat against the back of the holders. In fact I never worry about pointing the camera down as the surl holds it flat no matter what.

So I cut it at 8" chunks while you'd cut it at 20". It would work excellent. 10X20"! Wow, that rocks.

Good luck.

Jeffrey, Yes, I'm a railfan! I got the Nikon FG out 15 years ago to document my Postwar Lionel 6 1/2 X 18 foot layout and eventually got more into the camera than the trains. Sold the trains and built a room addition on my house. Have you been out to see the Nevada Northern. Finest original untouched RR and shops left on earth. And so far they don't mind goofy photogs. jg

10-May-2006, 22:51
Jim- Thanks! Now I got to try to Cirkut film first before considering all others. Just got an email from Freestyle saying they get two orders of 12x20 Ilford per year and I have to cut it myself. If this Cirkut film works on my 10x20, my search will be over. Thanks, everybody!