View Full Version : Linhof Technika IV or V?

jim kitchen
10-May-2006, 12:04
I purchased a Linhof Technika IV, and for the moment I am at a loss to determine if it is actually a IV or a V...

The serial number is 82485, and after reading this article: <http://largeformatphotography.info//linhof/technika.html>

I believe that I might have a Technika V, since there is a lever on the front standard to raise and lower the lense.

Do I have a Technika V, because of this feature, and a serial number that might possibly validate the model?

There is no serial number under the flash shoe. The original documentation for the camera is missing, and I

am also curious to know, if someone might be able to ascertain the possible age of this camera.

Thank you in advance,

jim k

David A. Goldfarb
10-May-2006, 13:35
If you've got the racheting lever that controls front rise, then it's a Tech V. If you've also got the flap on the top surface of the camera body to allow for additional rise with wide lenses, then it's a Master Tech.

Frank Petronio
10-May-2006, 13:45
BUT you can put a V ratchet on a IV body...

Early Vs had plastic levers, later had metal

Only(?) Bob Salomon knows the serial numbers though. At least they aren't listed online (no ROI on that, better to just answer each question over and over one at a time...)

Brian Ellis
10-May-2006, 18:09
What color is the leatherette? If it's gray then 99% it's a V, if it's brownish beige then 99% it's a IV. I say 99% because there's always a 1% chance that someone recovered a IV to look like a V or vice versa even but that would be unusual. If it's gray and has the lever then it just about has to be a V. I don't know the age because I've never seen a list showing years and serial numbers of Technikas, usually Bob Salomon of HP Marketing will answer age questions here or if he doesn't answer here you could call or write him.

jim kitchen
11-May-2006, 10:58
Dear Group,

Thank you for the quick replies...

The lever, on the right side of the front standard, has a white plastic knob that must be pulled out, to change the rise or fall of the front standard. The camera body does not have a flap for additional rise. The colour of the leatherette looks grey, but then again it looks like it could be a grey-brown. :)

The original owner of this item passed on, and the estate does not have any incremental information about this camera.

That said, and with the information you supplied, it looks like the camera body could be a Technika V. Hopefully the serial number might validate the model. I will try to contact Bob Solomon, as you suggest, to validate the serial number.

Thank you again,

jim k