View Full Version : Fuji NPL 4x5 discontinued!

Peter Brentlinger
9-May-2006, 19:48
I understand from a reply I got from FujiUSA that NPL color negative film has been discontinued. They say there is no replacement at this time. Does anyone have any other information about this? I have been using NPL with good results for architectural interiors, especially those with mixed fluorescent and tungsten lighting. NPL is great at dealing with mixed light sources. Has anyone used Kodak’s 100 speed tungsten color negative film for this, or compared it to NPL? Any suggestions for a replacement film? I scan the film and deliver digital files to my clients.



Andre Noble
9-May-2006, 23:13
I've seen tons of Fuji NPL 4x5 film sitting unsold in Samy's Camera (Los Angeles) short-dated/recently expired bargain bin. My inference was that sales of this particular film have dropped steeply.

You could stock up and freeze. Frozen, may be good for almost 10 more years. Does anyone else agree?

Kirk Gittings
10-May-2006, 08:28
I've been using NPS for many years rated at 100 for exactly the same purpose and now 160S also. These "daylight" films are extremely forgiving on mixed light interiors.

Stephen Willard
10-May-2006, 16:45
B&H still carries it, and they seem to have plenty in stock in 10 sheet, 50 sheet, and quickload. I have not heard of any announcements from Fuji saying they were discounting NPL 4x5.

Robert Ley
19-May-2006, 09:40
Peter, I just talked with Fuji-USA at there contact number (1-800-800-3854) and was informed that Fuji had no plans to discontinue this emulsion (NPL). I don't know who you talked too, but the people at their Pro Film Contact Center were not aware of this. Could you give us the name and contact number of the person at Fuji that gave you this information, so that we might confirm this rumor.